Two of the Heroes tshirts in the Daily Top 10 @ Emptees!



Riccardo Bucchioni VS. Funkrush: Supercombo special!

Three new tshirts are up for grab on Funkrush! Inspired by the serial Heroes! Check it out!

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Color Ink Book Volume Five!!!!
The fifth volume features two eye popping covers one by Glen Barr and another from David Lanham. The artists showcased in this volume are
Bill Alger, Glen Barr, 110 Special Black, Olla Boka, Riccardo Bucchioni, Andy Council, Deplanetart, Formfieber, Kyle Kesterson, David
Lanham, McBess, Kenn Munk and more.



Reviews for Made's cover on Shindig magazine and Fuzz Overdose Webzine








My version of Color Ink Book mascotte, Rayola



Personal Venus

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Broken Dreams



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