"Marie Antoinette Redux" Digital Experiment.

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Hey hey punkrockers! A new poster i made for my buddies THE MANGES!
I thought it was nice to picture some good ol' friends saying "bye" to Richie after years of being a good striped soldier.

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As SCREECHING WEASEL announced during the weekend, their new EP "Carnival of Schadenfreude" will be released on October 29th.
Once again your friendly neighbour had the honour to work for Ben and the band. So proud!
Gabba Gabba Hey!






Skaletta Rock Club
Johnny Ramone Stencil



Here the making of



Hey Hey! Check out the new TOMMY STINSON poster i made for his East Coast Tour! You can purchase one at the merch stand!

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Hey punk rockers! If you like Dan Vapid, you might enjoy his new project, DAN VAPID & THE CHEATS, and you can also buy on Interpunk some T-Shirts or Buttons with their brand new logo I designed for them! I hope you like.



I made a portrait of the great FRANK KOZIK as the first piece of a new personal project where i design my fave artists as fake trading cards, named "Ars Attacks!"*

I hope you like it. More ones soon.


*("Ars" is "Art" in old latin language).

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New t-shirt i designed for my best buddy R.HEADCHEESE, at Electric Tattooing Viareggio - Pepe & Zuno.






Punk Rock Legend Daniel Rey and Me wearing the Tshirts I designed for my buddies THE MANGES!

Getting complimented by him=makes me SO fuckin' proud!



Hey Folks! A new T Shirt I made for my buddies THE MANGES!
Herman Rules!

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Cover for The Bugs' 7" . Coming soon on SURFIN' KI RECORDS.

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Coming Soon!
Stay Tuned both Ghostbusters and Motorhead fans!







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I'm so proud to reveal that i made the new SCREECHING WEASEL's Album cover!
Big, big thanks to Ben Weasel, Ben Perlstein and Sergie at Fat Wreck!!!








Custom toys, Poster Art, Design, Illustrations
Urban Center, La Spezia




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